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Overwhelmed? Do This ... 👉

Updated: Jun 23, 2020


Clearly we are ALL in need of extra support in loving and caring for ourselves....!

I received so many messages asking for MORE self-love acupuncture points to support you in feeling happier, healthier, calmer and more connected to your inner here's another I know you will love.

Today's acupoint is a master point of the ear. You know it. It's the one that deserves a little bling bling.

The name of this point is Shen Men, which roughly translates to Gateway to Heaven or Spirit Gate....but you can just call it because this point is SO powerful.

Shen Men is considered a master point because it can help just about everything....stress, overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, extreme sensitivity, hyperactivity, inflammation, even weight loss.

I love to use shen men as a self-love point because it calms my overwhelm and activates a deeper connection to my own inner wisdom. Shen men helps me reconnect to my SELF and tune into my intuition.

Bet you can't wait to press this point! Here's how you find it....

Simply touch, press, lightly rub, or tap the spot on the ear pictured above, in the triangular fossa. Here is a quick demo:

But, seriously, the EASIEST way to stimulate this point is to simply rub your ears.

A good ear massage feels amazing, and you'll not only stimulate shen men, but you'll activate all of the other amazing ear points, too.

The PRETTIEST and most INTENTIONAL way to stimulate this point,

is to adorn it with some ear bling.

Because self love deserves to be celebrated with a little bling bling.

And self love activates a more profound level of self care.

For me, stimulating this amazing ear point is like a reset button for my energy. I feel supported, calmed, tapped into my inner knowledge and seriously less wigged out.

How does massaging this self love point change the way you feel? I'd really love to know...

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