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Press Here....

Sometimes, we need extra support.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could simply press a button and immediately feel more self-love?

I think acupuncture is pretty magical. And, I know a few acupuncture points that, when touched, pressed, or rubbed, can magically enhance our ability to speak kindly and more compassionately to ourselves.

My favorite self-love acupuncture point is known as the "sea of tranquility", and it only needs to be touched to be activated.

In fact, you could do it right now...

Simply touch, press, lightly rub, or tap the very center of your chest, between your breasts, and all around the area you might think of as the heart center, or heart chakra. Breathe deeply.

The acupuncture point, shanzhong or "chest center", is known to be amazingly effective for calming anxiety, stress, and even panic. It can help soothe the heart, open the lungs, raise our spirits and liberate anxiety.

Just by touching the center of your chest, you create an immediate awareness of your own heart, and your very being. Activating this point daily can be the self-love button we press to feel more compassion for ourselves, to remember to breathe love into our hearts, practice forgiveness and speak more lovingly to ourselves.

And self love activates a more profound level of self care.

How do you feel when you touch this point? Do you want me to share a few of my other favorite acupuncture points to activate more self love? Let me know below...

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