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Rock On, Sister💚

Don't you wish you could carry your sista around in your back pocket?

You know, for those times when you seriously need to chill the f**ck out...

for a sparkly dose of confidence and clarity...

or to keep you focused on what's important... like only a sister can.

For those times when you can't get your bestie on speed dial, call up the energy of fluorite.

Fluorite is a beautiful rainbow of crystal magic.
It's a colorful, luminous, precious and protective gem...just like your soul sista.

Fluorite will help you keep your head straight, calm your nerves, boost your confidence and help you make decisions that you feel good about.

That's why I think of fluorite as my special sister stone. It can be an inspiring companion when we need to feel a little bit of calm, clarity and confidence, pronto.

Here are three ways to use friendly fluorite:
  • Place a beautiful piece of fluorite on a sunny windowsill and let it's rainbow brilliance lift the energy of any room or office

  • Slip a smooth piece of polished fluorite in your back pocket, bra or purse to feel supported everywhere you go

  • Wear a pair of flirty fluorite earrings to enhance your focus, vibrancy and optimism

We could all use some uplifting, protective and grounded support...and there's nothing more inspiring than the support of a sister. Keeping some crystal fluorite in our self care kit can remind us to chill out, get clear and not sweat the small stuff.

Rock on, Sister 💚

(Thank you to my cyber-sister, Terry, for inspiring this tip!! You Rock, Terry💜)

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