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Sexy self care in 30 seconds 🙌

Self care should be simple.

Because it's those super simple, super sexy little self care things that you do consistently that will help you feel healthy and beautiful.

And, right now, don't you have more to deal with than stressing out about taking care of yourself??

Well, you know what, honey? I've got all kinds of super simple, little self care things that you do in just 30 seconds. Like these:

💦 Drink a glass of water. You know ... not drinking enough water can cause low energy, headaches, inflammation, pain and even premature aging, right?? MmmHmm ... Don't you want to feel juicy, honey? Take 30 seconds to refresh and revive your energy and drink some water.

🤘 Breathe, stretch and shake it, sister. GET UP. Yeeess ... 🙋 Stand UP, chin up, breathe, get your arms over your head ... strreeeetch ... and give your hips a little shake. That's right, go ahead and shake your ass, honey. Take 30 seconds to shake off the stress, shake up your energy, and stir up your power. That's sexy self care.

🔮 Grab a crystal. Crystals are earth's stunning little energy vortexes and can change our vibration even just by holding them for 30 seconds and gazing at their beauty. Oh! You need a special crystal for that?? Well, the most exquisite crystals I have ever seen are Wild Mountain Crystals. Go get yours, girl.

👂 Massage your ears. In acupuncture, ears are epic. Embedded within the dips and curves of your ears are powerful acupuncture points that correspond to every part of the just by rubbing your ears, you encourage more energy and vitality, your immune system benefits, your nervous system calms and you immediately feel energized and restored. And, who doesn't love a good massage?! I mean, you can do it right now ... chill the f*ck out ... take 30 seconds to rub your ears.

Oh, you want more?? Just ask! I’m here to work with you one on one to help you feel healthier and more beautiful through the way you eat, how you move and super simple self care that honors the unique way you were designed to feel sexy and beautiful.

I'll use the beauty of your face, your personal Five Element patterns, the principles of acupuncture and some simple, but solid, lifestyle medicine to shape a self care strategy designed just for you ... one that feels supportive AND sexy ... so you can feel healthy and beautiful ... and rock it like the goddess you were born to be.

Even during a pandemic.

Rock on, sister 🔮🤘🧡

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