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Sexy Summer Salad 🥗

Girl. What are you eating?⁠ 🙂


Oh! A little supermarket salad out of a box.

Those boxed salads are awesome for convenience.

If you're really in a pinch and it's a choice between not eating at all, eating an energy bar or swinging through the drive-thru ...?? Well, boxed supermarket salads can rock.⁠


But, honey, you can make a kick-ass, sexy salad yourself that is super simple and SO much more nourishing!

I mean, if your goddess came for lunch, would you hand her a boxed salad with an itty-bitty squeeze pouch of dressing and a plastic fork?⁠


MmmmHmmm. Exactly.⁠


⁠Let's make some DIY boxed salads, sister. All it takes is the music cranked up and about 20 minutes of booty-shaking, kitchen fitness to make a kick-ass, sexy salad fit for a goddess.

If you make a ritual out of creating a big base salad, you can have a fresh, vibrant lunch for 2 or 3 days that is healthy and beautiful. 🥙


This week, my sexy salad has hearty romaine lettuce, baby spinach, baby collards, purple cabbage, yellow and green squash, red onion, fresh parsley and basil, red and purple radishes, and cute little cherry tomatoes.

There's your inspiration. Now go find every pretty leafy green, herb and veggie you have in your own fridge, and have a party chopping and tearing. ⁠

Ta-da! You conveniently have salad for a couple of days ... and you worked your booty at the same time! Whoop 🙌

Then, when you're ready to eat, not only do you get to dress her up, but it's time to add some bling ...

⁠Today, I'm gonna add local grass-fed porterhouse steak 😳 Oh, yes, that's what I said. ⁠🤘

Tomorrow, I'm gonna add some home-made croutons and home-grown hard-boiled eggs.⁠ 🥚

And, I'm gonna eat it out of a pretty bowl, not a plastic box.

Oh, yeah. 👏

See, sweetie? Now that's a salad to feed a goddess. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Super simple, super sexy⁠ 🤘 🧡

So tell me, what's in your salad? 🥗

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