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Slow down, sweetie ... and Savor

Are you shoving food in your mouth on the run? Eating in your car? Snarfing your lunch between Zoom meetings? Running around with your mouthful? ⁠

C’mon, honey ... HOW we eat is just as important as WHAT we eat. ⁠

Maybe all of that gas, bloating and indigestion you’ve got is merely because you won’t calm down long enough to chew your damn food … 😳⁠ As my grandma used to say ... your stomach doesn't have teeth.

Did you know that good digestion only happens when we are in a relaxed state? Our bodies can’t possibly begin to properly digest and make fuel of our food when we are stressed the f*!ck out and mindlessly shoving food in our face. 😉⁠

We all eat too fast without paying attention ... so let's just start to practice slowing down and allowing yourself to taste and appreciate the food you put in your mouth. Even for one meal. ⁠

Let’s try a sexy experiment: slow down and eat something delicious with your eyes closed. A luscious peach, a juicy tangerine, a sweet strawberry … feel the radiant energy of your food and how good your body feels when you eat slowly and with intention 🍑

Can you feel the difference?⁠

Super simple, super sexy🤘🧡⁠

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