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10 ways to get more goddess greens into your life 💚

My girl Nat wants to eat more fresh foods, but she gets them home and then lets them rot in the fridge.

Sound like you, too??

Don't worry, honey, I got you.

Let's keep it super simple. Leafy greens are one of the healthiest, most gorgeous foods a goddess can eat, so let's start here.

SPINACH is the mildest and most versatile of all the goddess greens, and you can buy it pre-washed and ready to go.

Here's what you do:

🥗 Buy the LARGE BOX of organic, pre-washed baby spinach. The small box gets lost in your fridge, am I right?

Now, every time you open up the fridge ... BAM!

Spinach is staring right at you, flirting with you and seducing you ... and inviting you to have a taste ... 💚

So, naturally, at every meal or snack, you ask yourself ...

“Can I make this super sexy by adding a handful of that gorgeous spinach I got ... ?”

  • 🥗 Yes, girl - add a huge handful of spinach to that smoothie. You won’t even taste it, trust.

  • 🍳 Add a giant handful or two to those scrambled eggs you’re making.

  • 🥪 To the sandwich or wrap you’re eating.

  • 🥣 To the soup you’ve heated up.

  • 🍝 To your pasta or mac and cheese

  • 🍜 Dump that heated up frozen dinner over a handful of spinach. The heat will wilt it perfectly and you’ve just upgraded your fast food.

  • 🍱 Put a big, juicy piece of salmon, chicken, steak, or some beans on a beautiful bed of spinach.

  • 🍋 Sauté or steam the whole damn box and drizzle with a little olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

  • 🥗 Or, just eat a small side salad with your dinner for a week.

MmmHmmm ... 🤘

There you go, sweetie. That's how you rock it like a goddess and eat more fresh food.

Super simple, super sexy 💚

What's your self care question??

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