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Take a Bath ... Water is Optional

It's raining outside my window right now, but the temperature is warmer, the snow is melting and this rain feels cleansing and renewing and refreshing....


Here in the country, buds on the trees are just beginning to pop, frogs are starting to sing, chipmunks are scurrying around and my sexy chicks are already starting to lay more eggs!

I don't know about you, but my energy feels like running and jumping and shouting and punching my fists in the air like a toddler:) I want to feel fresh, new energy and wash away the old, heavy, darkness of the last few months (and years!)

It's time for a bath.

Of course, a traditional water bath in the tub is a wonderful opportunity to slow down, let go of what's burdening us, wash away stress and tension...and be comforted and soothed.

But, I can hear you now....

Girl, please....who has time to take a bath?! I don't even have a tub!

Hold up, Buttercup. There are so many other ways to "take a bath" to cleanse and renew our energy! Here are just a few simple ideas to bathe yourself in the new zing of spring while washing away old stress, edginess and anxieties:

Take a forest bath. Yes, it's a thing, with tons of research to support it's healing effects. The idea is simple. Visit an area where nature abounds and breathe it in -- the forest, a beach, the mountains, a meadow or sanctuary -- you can even plant your bare feet in the grass of your own backyard. Open your senses to your natural surroundings and automatically be rejuvenated and renewed. Here are just a few of the benefits: Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body's Natural Killer (NK) cells, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress, improved mood, increased ability to focus, accelerated recovery from surgery or illness, increased energy level, improved sleep, deeper and clearer intuition, increased flow of energy and an overall increase in our sense of happiness.

Take a sun bath. Sunlight heals, period. The ancient Greeks, yogis and many other cultures knew how to use the sun to heal all kinds of illnesses and bring about radiant health. Turn your face to the morning sun and allow it to bathe you in positive, uplifting and healing energy.

Take a rain bath. Walk or stand naked in the rain. I dare you.

Take time for a sound bath. Bathe yourself in your favorite sound therapy -- music that lifts your spirit, calms your senses or invigorates your energy. This is one of my very favorite ways to remember what moves me and bathe in good energy.

Take a dry bath with dry skin brushing. Bathe your largest organ by brushing your skin before your bath or shower. It feels so good to exfoliate, detox and move your lymph with a vigorous brushing. I like to visualize all the energetic muck getting brushed away as I use sweeping motions with my skin brush.

Turn your bathroom into a spa and take the time for a traditional bath. Epsom salts add a bit of detox and muscle relief, essential oils infuse the room with luxurious aromatherapy, add in your favorite music, bath oils, candles or soft light and your favorite beverage and you have the perfect setting to indulge in some seriously cleansing self care.

Drink in beauty -- literally! Hydrate your magnificent body with more water. Try to drink one extra glass a day. And, my favorite, of course...make a beautiful green spring smoothie to drink in the color and vibrancy of spring! Feel it nourish you and fill all of your cells with bright, brilliant energy and radiant beauty. See my recipe idea's the shizzle, I swear.

You get the idea. Bathe yourself in what feeds you and open yourself to the bodacious energy and renewal of spring. Now it's your turn. What is your favorite way to bathe??

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