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Time Change Messing with your Mojo?

Stunning Sunstone - photo courtesy of

The damn time change is messing with my mojo.

How about you?

If you're like me, you might feel wonky when the days get shorter. I'm definitely a lover of light and when it's pitch black outside by 6 pm, my whole system feels off.

It's no wonder we feel wonky! Lack of daylight causes biological changes in our brain and body.

We can have less energy, more irritability and even feelings of depression. The less light exposure we get, the more out of whack we feel.

It's time to shine our own light and get our mojo back. 🌟

Lucky for you, I have a few super simple, super sexy tools in my magic bag of self-care tricks to help you out.🌟

Here are some fun tips for bringing more light into your life and keeping your mojo kicking this time of year:

  • Pull open the curtains and throw up the shades! Let the light in ... and grab some sunstone. As its name implies, sunstone captures the energy and sparkle of the sun. Get out into the morning sun and keep some sunstone (or other bright orange or cheery stone, like orange calcite or citrine) on a sunny windowsill, wear it as a bracelet or keep one on your keychain. Sunstone will warm your spirit, inspire your creativity and fill you with bright, uplifting and optimistic vibes.

  • Smell some citrus. Citrus immediately kicks negativity to the curb. Citrus scents are naturally uplifting and energizing, while still promoting a calm clarity. Consider your citrus essential oils like concentrated sunlight a tiny bottle! Try diffusing lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange, neroli or bergamot to transform your energy and make everything feel right again. know I'm a huge fan of wearing my essential oils, and my absolute fave is Serenity, an exquisite oil blend by Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils that has a base of tangerine and orange to uplift you and grounding notes to bring about deeper calm.

  • Stimulate the Great Connecting Point on the Spleen channel, located under your armpit, at chest level (check it out here) This point will feel tender, trust me. Rubbing, tapping or massaging this point is like a re-boot for your whole system. This point is the shizzle. It will wake up your energy, help you feel more clarity and connection and even open you up to embracing more love. Give yourself an energetic re-boot by rubbing this point often - try it in the shower.

When your world needs a little more light, I hope these little tricks help. 👆

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