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Walk it Out

Let's face it. I'm an emotional gal.

I can find myself caught up in tears, feeling anxious and overwhelmed...or stuck, frustrated and cussing out inanimate objects.

I once got called out by the lady in the office next to mine because she heard me cussing at the vacuum cleaner.

If I was a kid, I'd get a time-out.

As adults, we still need a daily time-out to re-set, re-focus, move some of this energy and take a much needed breather.

Got 5 minutes?

Today, you're going to give yourself the gift of your own sexy self care, and it's only going to take 5 minutes.

Here's how you're going to do it:

Set your timer for 5 minutes. Then, put your phone away and put on your walking shoes.

For 5 minutes, you're going to walk it out.

Taking a walk is an easy way to diffuse stuck energy, clear your mind, alleviate stagnation, take a breather and keep your emotions in motion.

And, it's free. All it takes is your willingness to get up and move.

Walk down the street, around the block or to the next building. Walk the stairs, around the complex or to the bathroom that is the furthest from your desk. Walk your dog. Just walk. If you can take more than 5 minutes, great. If not, a 5 minute walk is enough to re-set your mind and body and give you a much needed time-out ... and believe it or not, this little act is exquisite self care.

It's time to move your energy and walk it out.

Besides being good for our physical health and well being, walking can also increase our confidence, improve our memory, concentration, productivity....and, scientists at Stanford say that when we walk, we increase our level of creativity by 60%!

This week, try to give yourself 5 minutes of sexy self care most every day. 5 minutes of doing nothing. 5 minutes of getting grounded. 5 minutes to walk it out. You choose. Make it an intention and do your best. You're worth 5 minutes of your own time.

Next week, I'll give you another inspiration for 5 minutes of wellness that you can easily incorporate into your busy life. If you've got 5 minutes, you've got time for sexy self care. I'm gonna show you how. And you're gonna feel better -- I promise.

Because there's nothing more badass than taking care of yourself.

Got a friend who could use a time-out? If she is close by, steal her away and take a 5 minute time-out to walk together....or plan a walking date and chat by phone while you walk!

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