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What do you do to avoid Covid - 19 😷

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

OK. It's time to talk about those simple little things we need to remember everyday to stay well.

'Cause, you know, the coronavirus.

No one has immunity to COVID-19, which makes it a highly contagious virus. That means we need to pay attention to keeping ourselves protected without going into full-blown freak-out mode.

Luckily, you've got a sister who's got your back. Here are a few of my favorite super simple self-care strategies to help you stay healthy and protected from any flu virus, including COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands. This one is a no-brainer, right? Super simple, even if it's not the sexiest strategy. This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to stay healthy. This virus can live up to about 9 DAYS on surfaces such as grocery cart handles, exercise equipment and doorknobs. Touch the surface anytime during those nine days and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth, and you have the possibility of infection. Do your best to keep your hands away from your pretty face and make it a habit to use hand sanitizer in a pinch (Dr. Bronner makes a good one) until you can thoroughly wash with soap and water. Stock up on your favorite non-toxic hand soap. Wash well. Do it often. Easy-peasy.

  • Don't touch your face. The main way you are going to get COVID-19, is from touching someone, or having sustained contact (15 - 30 minutes of very close contact) with someone who is infected and then TOUCHING YOUR FACE. Remember, someone can be asymptomatic and still transfer the disease to you -- if you touch your face! Viruses will invade us through our eyes, nose and mouth. If you keep your hands meticulously clean and do not touch your face, you most likely won't get this disease. Wearing a mask will do one thing: keep us from touching our face. And that's key.

  • Stay home. You can't get the coronavirus from drinking a Corona beer 🙄... but COVID-19 is primarily transmitted face to face, either from sneezing/coughing or close contact/shaking hands with infected individuals. Think, family, friends, coworkers, buses, planes, malls ... and crowded bars. If you can avoid large crowds and crowded environments, now is the time to cozy up in the sanctuary of your own home.

  • Protect your space. This is my favorite self-care secret weapon during cold and flu season!! 👏 Adorn and protect yourself by wearing Ancient Robbers (otherwise known as Thieves) essential oil blend. This legendary blend of oils dates back to the time of the Bubonic Plague that killed thousands of people in Europe. Spice Traders were going broke because trade was stopped. Without a source of income, these spice merchants got desperate. They bathed themselves in spices, practiced good hygiene, ate lots of garlic, and raided the unfortunate bodies of those overcome with plague. They never got sick. When these thieves were arrested, the king agreed to lighten their punishment in exchange for their secret for “anti-plague” recipe. Want that secret recipe? Here you go:

Anti-Plague Essential oil Recipe for Super Immunity

• 40 drops organic clove bud essential oil • 35 drops organic lemon essential oil • 20 drops fair trade organic cinnamon bark essential oil • 15 drops organic eucalyptus essential oil • 10 drops organic rosemary essential oil

Mix well and store in a dark glass bottle. Add a few drops to a carrier oil (like almond, olive, jojoba or coconut) before applying to your skin.

Or, if you're not the DIY type, just go to Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils and get yourself a bottle of Ancient Robbers or find Thieves by Young Living.

Diffuse it, add a few drops to your hand soap throughout the house, add a bit to water and spray surfaces, add some to your hand sanitizer and definitely wear it whenever you are out in a crowd or on an airplane. Super simple. Super sexy.

  • Skip the Sugar and do Magic Mushrooms instead. Listen, sweetie, sugar is a super-fertilizer for pathogens, so do your best to skip the stuff that weakens you and fill yourself with antioxident-rich, nutrient-dense veggies, fruits, leafy greens and Brazil nuts. Selenium is a heavy-hitter against this virus, and just 2 brazil nuts daily will give you a good dose of protection. And, to supplement a healthy diet, I LOVE Magic Mushroom mix because it's a super simple, super sexy way to give my immune system extra love every single day. Skip the Starbucks and their coffee-flavored sugar shakes, and add this delicious chocolate-tasting immune booster to your coffee instead. Soooooo good and you'll find yourself feeling healthier, stronger and even more magical.

  • Eat this. Here are just a few extra special immune-boosting foods to include in your everyday wellness lifestyle: Remember, radiant, colorful veggies are packed with antioxidants and healthy phytonutrients that science has not even recognized yet! Keep your system nourished with citrus fruit, berries, kiwi, broccoli, super sexy kale, red peppers and ALL colorful fruits and veggies; raw ginger is excellent and can be added to sauteed veggies or steeped in hot water for tea, herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano are potent protectors of our immune system, and of course, heavy hitters like turmeric, raw garlic and matcha green tea are superb wellness staples. Eat more.

  • Keep your medicine chest stocked with wellness. Vitamin C, colloidal silver, oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin D, immuni-tea and probiotics all do their part to protect our immune system and enhance it's protective response. Here's a basic list of immune boosting support. You can find all of these super supplements and lots more HERE.

  • Rub these points. These legendary and largely unknown acupuncture points are super effective at keeping our immune system strong, warding off colds and flu, and soothing sore throats. Use these secret "extra" points often -- they're the most powerful points for cold and flu that you will ever need and super easy to rub anytime, anywhere.

  • There's a crystal for that .... grab your black tourmaline. This gorgeous and grounding stone is like the pit bull of gems. Fierce and loyal, black tourmaline gives us confidence and protection against negative and pathogenic energies.

These are just a few simple ways to stay healthy any time of year. When it comes to nourishing our immune system, remember that taking good care of yourself is a supreme act of self love. Be intentional. Love on yourself. You matter. And for those times when you need a little extra support from a sister who cares, call on me. I would be honored to work with you one-on-one to help you feel like the heroine of your own life through super simple, super sexy self-care strategies to rock your radiance. Click here to contact me. Let's chat.

And, finally, here is a little common sense reminder: Viruses pass between people. The main way we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to any flu or virus is by touching our face! A virus can typically live on our hands for a good 10 minutes. If we know where our hands are at all times, and keep them clean and away from our face, we have a low risk of contracting the virus. So, every time you touch something outside your home, wash or disinfect your hands. Every time. Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it after you touch anything -- and DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. Wearing a face mask is very helpful to keep your hands off our face, period. You don't need a medical mask -- even a bandana will do. Do not touch anywhere around your eyes, nose, mouth or ears. If you simply stay at home, avoid unnecessary outings, keep a good distance from your neighbor, wash or disinfect your hands after touching anything that has been touched by another human and keep your damn hands off of your face, you are doing a badass job of staying healthy and empowered. My dear patient and friend, Becca, sent me this video from Dr. David Price of Cornell Medical Center in New York City from March 22, 2020. It is very clear, precise, easy to understand and will completely empower you and clear any confusion about COVID-19 so far. Follow his rules. Watch HERE: And, you can also take a listen to my cold and flu audio to stay grounded.

Rock on, Sister 🔮

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