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What do you do when ... you don't feel Sexy?💋

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Not feeling too sexy lately?

Gah! I feel you.


Now, you know that I'm all about honoring our feelings.

But, feeling NOT sexy is a totally un-necessary feel!

To me, sexy isn't all stilettos and lipstick.

Sexy is feeling healthy and alive -- full of spark and flirty confidence -- because we feel damn comfortable in our own skin.

When we feel NOT sexy, we are probably burned-out, unwell, overwhelmed, over-worked and giving to everyone except ourselves.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, this is a perfect time to lavish ourselves with some love and attention, channel our inner goddess and coax her out to play.

So, quick! How do we bring our sexy back? Here's a few ways to start ...

  • Don't be a swinger: Blood sugar swings are not sexy. What makes our blood sugar swing most? Processed sugars and carbs. So, besides feeling stuffed and bloated, feasting on pasta, heart-shaped cookies or valentine candy is more likely to create mood swings and a food coma. Think good clean protein and luscious veggies to keep your hormones and energy balanced so you feel sexy from the inside out.

  • Smell good: Fragrance is sexy and triggers sexy feels. Want to know what scent men find most arousing? Vanilla and pumpkin pie spice! 😆For women, it's lavender and cucumber. Or, ylang ylang, rose and jasmine. Find your sexy scent and you'll channel your inner diva.

  • Move. Get things moving. Our sexual circuitry needs circulation, baby. Yoga, stretching, kegels, pelvic tilts and pelvic floor exercises will bring more blood flow down there and inspire more sexy time.

  • Wear sexy undies ... or none at all.

  • Rub these points. These ear acupuncture points are simple to seductively stimulate to enhance our sexual desire and excitement. Massage them, put a dab of your favorite essential oil on them, use the point of your favorite crystal to stimulate them... or adorn yourself with a little Swarovski ear bling for added sexiness ♥️ Get your crystal ear seeds at in my dispensary at Wellevate.

  • Get stoned with carnelian. This is the sexiest stone ever -- inspiring passion, sensuality, confidence and swagger. It's so sexy and fiery! It will light your fire, too. 🔥 Wear carnelian as jewelry, carry it in your purse or pocket keep it on your work desk ... or in your bedroom ♥️ Get yours here

  • Good Clean Lube = Sexy. Get some, baby. You can find it almost anywhere, or have it delivered right to your door by registering at my online dispensary, Wellevate. Just register, log on, find it in my favorites or just type Good Clean Love in the search box and start shopping!

Of course, sexy music, candles, bubble baths, chocolate dipped strawberries, slow dancing and so much more could be added to this list. Now we have no excuse to NOT to feel sexy ... and I know you have your own tips to share, right? I need them! Share with me here!!

Rock on, Sister 🔥

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