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What do you do when ... you have gas? 😳


It happened.

You let one slip at the gym.

Or bending over to pick up your pen at work.

You actually tooted.

Not only are you MORTIFIED ... you're in freaking PAIN!

So, what do you do when you have gas??

Don't worry, sweetie. As my grandma liked to say, It's OK to fart ! 😁

It happens to all of us.

Did you know that it's perfectly normal to pass gas, like, 15 times a day?! Yup.

So calm down.

But, if painful, smelly gas is a serious issue for you, we should talk. It could be a sign of distress from your gallbladder, a food allergy or intolerance, lack of enzymes or something more serious like Crohn's disease.

Today, we're just gonna talk about that harmless, but totally embarrassing, excess gas you're having lately. Ready?

When you want to avoid embarrassing toots, remember these little simple things first:

  • Slow down, spit out that gum, chew your food and close your damn mouth. Digestion starts before we ever put a bite in our mouths. Our bodies need a little time to prepare for the massive task of metabolizing and extracting nutrients from our meal. Plus, there are important enzymes in our saliva to start that very process while food is still in our mouths ... and we can't let those suckers get to the work of digesting properly when barely chew because we're eating on the run, talking with our mouths full, we're stressed out or mindlessly inhaling our meals. And, if you're a regular gum smacker, you might find that chewing gum can cause you to unknowingly swallow a lot of air ... and if it's sugar-free gum, some of those artificial sugars and even sugar alcohols like xylitol, can cause gas, too. So, spit out the gum, slow down and eat with intention. Savor your food. Romance it, appreciate it and eat it slowly. Chew thoroughly with your mouth closed, so you don't swallow air that can contribute to gas. Remember this Indian proverb: "Drink your food. Chew your drink." Translation: Yo - your stomach doesn't have teeth. Slow down. Chew well.

  • Sip this tea. Peppermint, chamomile, anise or fennel (or chewing on fennel seeds), ginger and apple cider vinegar tea -- you choose. All can help soothe tummies and prevent gas and bloating.

  • Be Bitter. Bitters have been used for centuries to calm tummies, encourage easier digestion and discourage gas and bloating. You can still find them to take as supplements, or you can simply eat a salad of bitter greens before dinner!🥗What are bitter greens? Arugula, dandelion greens, radicchio, watercress, endive, and super sexy kale, to name a few. Bitter greens add tons of antioxidants, fiber and phytonutrients that coax our body into producing more digestive enzymes and better bile flow naturally.

  • Cut it out. As you know, certain foods can give you gas. Everyone is unique, so it may take some experimenting, but foods like soy (tofu), gluten (wheat), dairy, beans, onions, apples, and cruciferous veggies can cause gas.

  • Eat some sauerkraut. True, raw sauerkraut is like taking probiotics on steroids. One tablespoon of this magic fermented food will give you loads of beneficial bacteria to help colonize your digestive tract with friendly probiotic spores. You'll supercharge the health of your digestive system, your immune system and your whole body.

  • Skip the Spanx. Tight clothing that binds can seriously impede our digestion, causing our intestines to struggle to move, causing not only a lot of bad gas, but heartburn, acid reflux and OMG terrible stomach pain!

Thank you, AcuProAcademy
Two fingers below your cute little belly button

  • Rub this point. This acupuncture point is terrific for banishing bloat and getting rid of gas fast. It's called the "Sea of Qi" and it's located 2 fingers directly below your belly button. This point is so mighty, not only is it one of the all-time best points for alleviating bloating and gas, but it also amps up the performance of our immune system and can even aid in activating our libido. 😃

  • There's a crystal for that .... grab your sunny citrine. Since yellow is the color associated with the dig system in Chinese Medicine, I adore using citrine to calm worry and activate the acu-points associated with the our digestion. Getting stoned with citrine can help harmonize our spleen and stomach "qi" (energy) and help us to feel more optimistic and better able to digest everything life throws at us. Place a piece over Ren 6 above while you lie back, close your eyes and let go of your worry.

  • Call me. If there is something in your life that you are having a hard time digesting, let's talk. With the help of Chinese Medicine, I can remind you of the secret strengths in your nature that you can always rely on to move through any challenge. Then, we'll create a custom plan for your own care -- to support you in feeling empowered in your health, your beauty and your life. Couldn't you use a big sister who's there to lift you up, give you solid and useful health and wellness tips, and gently guide you on your path to feeling like your best self? I'm here for you. Call me at (530) 206-3424 or contact me here.

Rock on, Sister 🔥

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