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What do you do ... when you're frustrated ? 😤

Updated: May 3, 2020

Dance your ass off. 🤘💃🏻

Now, I've been teaching aerobic fitness since the age of 17. It's my thang...can you tell? It's one of my secret powers...

Dancing can help us release pent up frustration, help keep our emotions in motion, give us a damn good workout -- and help us express ourselves in a completely unique and beautiful way. When I move and dance, I escape into pure joy. Nothing else gives me the same feeling.

You don't have to have any special moves. No one has to watch. Turn on your favorite music and go for it. Bust a move. Shake your booty. Wave your arms around. Flip your hair. Get your family involved. Have a dance party .... It. Feels. So. Good. I'll be inspiring you to move more and dance with me by putting together some super simple, super sexy fitness videos for you. Oh ... Yeeeesss, girl.🙋🏻‍♀️ Watch for it...

If you want liberate your hair 🤪and join the fun, catch up with me on Facebook and Instagram. You can see me dance my ass off in the kitchen -- and I want you to join me!!!

Don't stop the party, baby 🤘

'cuz ... I like it ... 🤘💃🏻 😂

Rock on, Sister 🔥

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