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What is Face Reading ?

We’re all face readers. We’re naturally designed to read faces, because our face is the most powerful and basic non-verbal communication tool we have.

One of the first things we learn as infants is how to read the expressions our mother is communicating with her face as we’re cradled in her arms. 💓 Faces are the first thing we see and we spend our whole lives reading them.

Faces are freaking fascinating 😍

Ancient Taoist monks, scholars and doctors of traditional Chinese medicine started reading the features, color, markings, lines, and overall health and wellness of faces thousands of years ago, maybe sometime around 600 B.C.

They knew that the face was like a 3-D hologram of the body, mind and spirt. They learned not only to be able to see patterns and signs to assess physical health, but also to interpret the clues on our face that reflected our inner emotional world.

Face reading teaches that the shape and prominence of each feature, line and marking, and the spirit that animates your face, means something important and basic about who you are inside, who you were designed to be in the world, what you need to feel at home in your own skin …

... and the things you need to feel happy and healthy. ✨

As an acupuncturist, I use face reading to be able to understand and acknowledge exactly what you need in your health and wellness care to help you rock your own natural radiance.

Knowing what you need to feel like your healthiest and best self physically and emotionally is like having your own personal owner’s manual to rock it like a goddess. I'm gonna remind you of what makes you special and what specific self care you need to feel like your sexiest self.

You were designed on purpose with a beauty, uniqueness and way of being all your own. When you stand gracefully in your own natural beauty and let go of the self consciousness that hides your radiance, you can shine like the goddess you were divinely designed to be.

Super simple, super sexy 🧡

Click here to read more about face reading and schedule a Beauty Blueprint session with me.

So you can rock it like the goddess you were designed to be 🤘

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