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Where's Your Me-Spot?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

This is my stump.

It's located at the top of our 5 acre property, surrounded by oaks and pines and forest.

It is my special spot to sit, drink in the beauty of the trees and reflect. I talk to my angels, listen to my inner voice and feel the energy of the Earth Goddess.

I journey to this stump when I feel sad and lonely. I wander to my stump when I need to think. I have a seat here just to admire the beauty around me. I sometimes stand on it and sing or yell or talk to the squirrels and chipmunks that scurry about.

This is my Me-spot.

I've learned that for me, it's important to have a sacred space to call my own. A place that honors my need to go within. To think. To have silence. To feel inspired. To listen to my inner voice. To muse. To get grounded. To breathe.

To Be.

When we are feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, overworked... it's our spirit that needs to be nourished.

Maybe it's time for you to create your own Me-spot.

You're Me-spot can be anywhere -- indoors or out. It can be an entire room, a corner of a room, your car parked at the ocean, the hammock hanging in the yard, a cozy chair facing the window or a favorite painting ... or simply a spot on the dresser in your bedroom where you display your precious memories or things that inspire you.

You get to choose what surrounds you.

Try creating or choosing a sacred space of your very own. You can go there or reflect on this space to soothe your soul, to dream, to talk to Spirit, nurture your creativity or ... just escape to take a nap in peace;)

After Mama Black Bear and her 2 baby cubs walked up on me while I was sitting at my outdoor me-spot (!!!) I quickly created another sacred space indoors! This is my cozy, comfy, personal indoor Me-spot. I have all of my precious things around me that make me feel like ME. My little water fountain and aromatherapy diffuser, candles, music, books and photos. I do my work here and retreat here to read and dream. It has proven to be a much safer and warmer spot that my special tree stump on our property outside!!

So, tell me, where is your Me-spot...your She-shed or Man-cave? Your spirit sanctuary or secret garden?

I'd love to hear from you. Send me a photo, or share where you find your peace and serenity. My BFF has little hideaway under the stairs that she has decorated and arranged to be her special sacred retreat to pray and meditate and manifest. Check out the before and after!!

Your turn;)

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