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Rest Up

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Why do we resist it? Part of feeding our wellness during the winter is to rest up.

In fact, it is exactly what Nature intended for this time of year!

So, before you turn to more coffee or sugar when you're tired ... or extra vitamins and throat lozenges when you're feeling a little run down ...

remember one of the very foundations of our wellness...

Give yourself a little time to rest.

There is no pill, supplement, beverage, exercise, food or fad that can replace the simple and sacred act of resting.

But there is so much to DO!!!

I know. We try to pack so much into a day. And, if you have kids, work long hours or are just plain wired to be a do-er, it is even more challenging.

So, this is something I have to remind myself daily:

Rest is not the same thing as laziness.
Rest is rejuvenating, inspiring, grounding, motivating, healing and up-lifting.
Rest feeds our creativity, helps to balance our hormones and builds mental power.
Rest is a foundation of all wellness, self care and radiant well being.

Rest Up

Quiet meditation or prayer. A slow stroll in nature, taking time to stop and reflect along the way. Cuddling under the blankets and watching the rain or snow. Unplugging from technology. Taking a relaxing bath. Going to bed a little earlier. Breathing.

Rest = Not Doing.

Chinese medicine teaches us that rest is almost more optimal than sleep when it comes to healing burn-out and overworked adrenals.

Rest is not optional for us to flourish...

It’s essential.

Get some😌

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