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Yes, Honey

Best and Worst Sweeteners🍭

Today we're gonna talk about some of the best and worst sweeteners, because I know you're trying to cut down and you're over there wondering about how you can still eat sweets, but make them healthier.

So, in my opinion after years of researching, talking and teaching about sugar, these are the sweeteners that are at the top of my worst list:

All artificial sweeteners - they are in everything labeled Diet or sugar-free and hidden in the long list of ingredients of most things processed and packaged. Yes, even things that you might think are healthy.

High fructose corn syrup.

Don't even get me started. This is NOT natural because it's made from corn. In fact, the corn it's made from is not even fit for human consumption. It's wreaking havoc on our health, from skyrocketing rates of diabetes to obesity. We'll talk more about HFCS later, so for now just do your best to avoid it in all of those boxed, bottled, packaged and processed things. Trust.

Better sweeteners?

Raw, unfiltered honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, blackstrap molasses and my favorite sweetener, the herb stevia.

If you want to find out:

The danger of a common artificial sweetener that you never hear about

What you don't know about high fructose corn syrup

The exact variety of honey that is considered healthiest

The grade of maple syrup I most recommend

What I think of sugar alcohols, including xylitol

The one natural sweetener that doesn't raise our blood sugar levels

Click on my LISTEN tab and tune in to my audio, Best and Worst Sweeteners.

Yes, honey.

Take a listen and learn your sweeteners so that you never wonder again.

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